A Rant About Beans

We have nearly 3kg of beans to eat in the next few months

This rant is going to be directed at non-bean-eating societies (most of which are Western). I don’t understand why people don’t want to eat beans, and I feel like there is some kind of stigma towards them. I have had conversations with close family members, friends, and acquaintances in which I literally find myself either defending beans to the death and/or trying to convince these close family members, friends, and acquaintances to give beans a chance.

But why?

Beans are healthy, and sure they might not have too much taste on their own but they can be made to be so delicious with some very simple spices and ingredients. Maybe it’s because beans have a reputation of giving people gas. But people: so does cheese — and it just happens to be considered one of the “classiest” foods around (paired with wine, it has it’s own kind of party/soiree). Hmm, do I see a trend here? Maybe class = gas. And honestly, everyone gets gas (though many try to deny it). Note: expect a post on other things that everyone does and many deny doing, in the very near future. Well, I’m calling everyone out right now: if you are reading this post, you do fart. Yeah, I said it.

Could it be because beans are hard to cook? Note: if you’re going to eat beans, you really ought to cook them yourself — anything that comes out of a can has little to no nutrients. I always thought it was really complicated to cook beans, but it’s really not true. The trick is to cook a big batch when you are home and have the time to cook them, and keep them in the fridge. Then they are ready and available to be eaten with any/every meal.

What Does It All Bean?

I will end this post on a serious note. We as humans are very rapidly depleting the resources that we have left. At a certain point, we can either make the decision to have less impact — by doing stuff like eating simply and locally — or we can have the decision made for us. Either way, it will happen. So I am advising everyone to get some good bean recipes ready for the post-apocalyptic era.

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  1. Miranda says:

    Beans are a roof over your stomach. Beans are a warm cloak against economic cold.” – from Tortilla Flat, John Steinbeck

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