About Us

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Welcome and thanks for checking out Worldly Rambles, our travel blog and collective voice for sharing our experiences as we meander from one place to another.

If you’ve come to this page you’re probably asking yourself, “Who are these people?“. We encourage you to watch our “Get to know us” video to the right, we think it sets the context, and then continue reading about us below.

Who We Are

Gibran and Adrianne


We are, Adrianne & Gibran, a North American couple who have taken to the road not just for fun or pleasure, but also because it is where we feel most at home. Since neither of us grew up living a conventional life, we felt that living one as adults was never really an option…

What We’re Doing

We are driving across the Americas “living the dream”…or better said, living OUR dream, as it’s something we’ve wanted to do for years. We’re not sure when or even if we’ll stop for good, but what we can be sure of is that it’s going to be an adventure.

How We Are Traveling


Gibran gives his father-in-law a massage for all those curry dishes

We are currently traveling by land in a 1998 Ford Ranger (more about our vehicle here). For the most part we are camping but given that we have family throughout North America we do try and seek out long-lost relatives and exchange hugs, kisses, and massages for lodging.

We travel light: our most important possessions include our laptops, surfboards, board shorts, bikinis, klean canteens, first aid kit, and a good stock of canned tuna.

How It Started

While we’ve always had grand plans of taking long road trips, we had never seriously considered the possibility of a modern-day nomadic lifestyle. This journey started with a wedding invitation.

After returning from a one-month visit in Costa Rica, with plans to return (by plane) 6-months later, we got an email from the sister of a good friend asking for our mailing address. At the time we were aware of her upcoming wedding but never truly considered being invited (though we had threatened to crash it). But when the wedding invitation arrived in April of 2011, while sitting in our bed, we decided to quit our jobs, pay-off our debts, sell all of our unnecessary belongings, and drive south to Costa Rica.

How We Support Ourselves

In order to cover our living expenses, we rely mainly on income generated through our web design and development company, Zevi Media. Check out some of our work and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help with your website.

We also occasionally display ads on this blog, however ads are typically products and/or services that we ourselves use/have used and believe in, or that we think truly provide some benefit to our readers. Like everyone else we too need money to live but we’re not prepared to sell-out our own blog.