AdrianneThe primary blogger on Worldly Rambles, Adrianne’s stories are sure to move you; whether you cry, laugh, or fume in anger you can be sure of three things:

  1. There is truth in her writing
  2. There will always be some degree of dramatization, because above all she loves to entertain
  3. She quite clearly finds the humor in life

A Mixture of Cultures

Hailing from the land of the maple leaf and having a rich ethnic background, Adrianne learned to appreciate the diversity in life, from teas, crumpets, and books to kava, curries, and Bollywood flicks. This diversity, combined with her early travel experiences, incited her curiosity to further explore the world.

Adrianne first experienced life outside her native country on an extended road trip through the United States and Mexico, where she first discovered warmer climates and was convinced that by moving south of the Tropic of Capricorn she would cease to be cold. While this has not proven to be true, experiences such as these have shaped her life and continue to do so.

Reader Beware

An International Relations / Political Science major, Adrianne has a strong interest in current events and politics, which can make for some random tangents. She’s promised to keep it to a minimum, but with her there are no guarantees so just bear with it (we’ll make sure there’s an interesting picture or funny video to make-up for it). But seriously, you can expect some thoughtful posts about the events we see/experience in the countries we visit.

The Good Times

Among Adrianne’s favorite pastimes are drinking tea in the morning regardless of how hellishly hot it is, snacking even after large meals, afternoon naps after 12-hour sleeps, dancing without music, catching up on the news even when it’s all doom and gloom, and proving her husband wrong when he may not be.

Feel free to contact Adrianne if you have a travel question, or just want to say “Hello”. If she doesn’t respond promptly to your email don’t fret, it’s likely that she’s writing you not just an email but rather a novel.