First Post From Almost On The Road

Ford Ranger Tune-up

Some last-minute mechanical adjustments

Here it is: our first post from almost on the road, written by me — the co-pilot — Adrianne. The reason that it is being written by me instead of my husband is that he is upstairs sawing away at the wall, doing something with drywall and wires and lights. And when he’s done that, he’s going to go tinker away at the inner-workings of El Ranger (our home/method of getting around), hopefully not blowing up the engine in the process. And when he’s done THAT, he’s going to get onto his computer and do things like play with Photoshop and build websites, which will (if everything goes right) get us some much needed money to fund this trip.

What We Are Doing

We are embarking on a voyage that has been a very long time coming. You see, both Gibran and I come from a long line of extended-trip-takers. Our families don’t “vacation” — ooooh no. They travel. When we met we were pleasantly/extremely surprised to learn that both of us had parents who had purchased school buses (that were both 20-40 years old) and converted them into mobile living quarters. Honestly, what a random characteristic to share in common with one’s spouse, right?

Anyways, Gibran and I have naturally dreamed of doing something like this together, but until now, stuff such as work, school, bureaucratic red tape, and more has been in our way. However, we have realized that “stuff” might always be in our way and we cannot let it prevent us from doing what we want.

So we’re driving to Central America, where we are part-owners of a surf school in Costa Rica called Bodhi Surf School. But first we are going to drive through Mexico and spend a good amount of time there, surfing, eating, and visiting family. Then we’ll make our way through selected countries in Central America (and when I say “selected” I mean “to be selected” because we don’t know our route yet) and settle in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica.

How We Are Doing It

We are driving from San Diego down through Baja California. We will take the ferry over to Mazatlan, and then continue driving down the mainland, taking breaks of course to surf, work, and eat. Our aim is to be in Costa Rica no later than December of this year.

We will be publishing blog posts during the course of our journey, not just to keep our friends and families updated on our whereabouts, but also because this may be a once in a lifetime experience and we certainly want it to be documented via pictures, video, and print.


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