GibranWhile Gibran is rarely seen or heard from, he is the man behind the scenes of Worldly Rambles. When he’s not geeking out on Internet jargon he’s somewhere surfing, so you know that when he comes out of the woodworks to write gibberish or show his (missing) grill on camera it must be a special occasion.

About This Surfer Geek

A by-product of NAFTA, Gibran considers North America home and though he’s explored a significant part of it he continues to be intrigued by its complexity and diversity.

Gibran is a naturally shy individual but through his travels has become more outgoing, though his social skills are still questionable — he leaves the socializing to his wife. Regardless of this, Gibran enjoys meeting new people and feels at home wherever he finds himself.

Over the years Gibran has gained experience in a number of industries, never staying long at one in particular, only to finally succumb to the least expected… the Internet and technology. Don’t be surprised if in one of his delirious posts he rambles on about how “the Internet is so cool”. Just know that he’s probably writing that after spending 18 hours straight in front of his computer, not an unusual event.

Taking a Break

Gibran’s favorite pastimes include working, surfing, and working some more. On occasion when he’s too tired to do any of those he’ll pick up a book, though he doesn’t read good, so he prefers to fall asleep while watching the Chargers give up a special teams touchdown.

You can contact Gibran if you experience technical difficulties with this blog or just want to say “It’s barrelin’, bra” …though he’ll probably remind you not to talk like Keanu Reeves in Point Break and honestly, he’d rather you just say “Hi”.