Life Is Like Being On The Road (In Central America)

Road In El Salvador

What’s around the bend?

After spending quite a bit of time on the road, (specifically in Mexico and Central America), I’ve decided that it’s quite a metaphor for life in general. Maybe that’s the case for being on the road anywhere, but my (recent) personal experience is in Central America so that’s what this incredibly wise assessment shall be based on.

The Ups

On the road, things are looking up when you find yourself on a particular stretch of beautiful road. In Central America that might be when you come around the corner and see that you are at the top of a hill/volcano or valley, with a view of huge, lush green mountains that are covered with mist, and you can see for miles and miles. Or perhaps when you arrive at a bluff overlooking the vast Pacific ocean, and it’s just so beautiful it takes your breath away. You’re at a high vantage point and can see for a good distance, and a good song starts playing on the radio or on your iPod’s shuffle setting. You are getting good gas mileage, there is not a pothole in sight, and and everything just makes sense. You feel like you’re flying.

Beach RoadThese are the good times, and if you are lucky enough to be traveling by vehicle then chances are you are fortunate enough to have many of these given to you in life. However, you can expect that there will be some rough times as well — such is life on the road.

The Downs

You find yourself stuck behind a huge truck spewing noxious fumes on a windy road with no opportunity to pass. Everything slows down and you realize that you are not getting to where you thought you would be in the time you thought it would take. The progress you made before all seems to be for nothing, your gas mileage goes down and you start reassessing the decisions that brought you to this point in the first place… you think to yourself, “I should have just flown”. Perhaps you get stopped by sketchy looking enforcement officials who you expect will try their hardest to extort you. Or perhaps you find yourself in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road with a gas tank almost on empty, and all of a sudden everything is on edge… will you even make it?

Sunset in NicaraguaThese are the bad times, and being on the road pretty much guarantees that you will run into them. Yet without these bad times, would you even recognize a good time if you were given one?

Life On The Road

After all, the road in Central America (like life) is an unpredictable place to find yourself. You have to keep going to get to arrive at your required destination, but sometimes it seems like way too much work and effort. However, if you do keep going and keep your wits about you at all times, you will surely arrive where you need to arrive, probably in decent time, and with a whole handful of experiences, memories, and knowledge. And in the end, it will provide you with a multitude of adventure so rich and inspirational that you will be happy you went with your gut instincts and traveled the more difficult path.

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