My Detoxifying Cleanse Experience

Getting used to consuming liquids only

After my death-defying time in Mexico (experiencing all of the different bacteria and parasites that the place has to offer), I decided that I wanted to do a detoxifying cleanse. First and foremost, I thought it would be beneficial to help get the toxins out of my system that are at least partially responsible for my allergies and other ailments (fragile immune system, migraine headaches, general sensitivity). Second, to rid my body of some of the poison I take on a weekly basis in the form of painkillers, allergy medicine, and, for awhile there, antibiotics and anti-parasite medicine. Third, to give my system a break from the unhealthy food that I, even as a relatively healthy eater, consume.  Continue reading

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Whirlwind Drive Through Central America

Nicaraguan Beach

View in San Juan del Sur

After our wonderful time spent in Chiapas, we said “goodbye” to Mexico and crossed into Guatemala. In the next 8 days, we would go on to cross 5 borders and drive over 1100 miles. We weren’t quite sure what to expect in Central America; it seemed that everyone had only negative things to say about their neighbors, so for example, many Mexicans we talked to told us to be very careful in Guatemala because it was very dangerous, Guatemalans told us the same about El Salvadorans, and so on.   Continue reading

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My Thing With Chiapas

Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

On the Precipice

The state of Chiapas in southern Mexico is a place like no other. I first had the opportunity to go there in 2006, when my future-husband suggested that I visit it, telling me what an incredible place it was. He knew firsthand just what Chiapas had to offer, having lived and worked there in 2004 and 2005. I didn’t know what to expect at this time, my own research had brought up information from the Zapatista movement, which I found to be awesome and very exciting. But the information available claimed that it was a dangerous place due to the uprising(s); I imagined guerilla-style kidnappings carried out in the jungles of the Lacandon. Continue reading

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We’re Okay: An Update On Health and Well-Being

Adrianne and Gibran

See? We're very much alive and well

Having read some of our previous posts, many of you might be concerned for our health and well-being. Yes, we’ve had some health-related issues during our first 100 days being “homeless”, but let me assure you it’s nothing that a) we can’t bounce back from (physically or financially) or b) will deter us from continuing what we do. Nor is anything that you, as potential travelers, should be worried about if you are planning on taking a trip. Continue reading

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Fumbled Latin American Customs

Adrianne In Front Of Mexico City CathedralWhile in the same corner of the planet as Canada and the United States, Latin America has many customs and traditions that differ greatly from its neighbors to the north. Continue reading

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