Panama: Round Two

Reunited With Trucky!

Fluid check after 3-month hybernation

Our time without the truck went by quite quickly, but were very happy to have the 3 months pass so that we could head down and pick up our vehicle (our home) again. Since we had to be out of the country for 72 hours anyways, we decided to have a relaxing getaway in David, Panama, one of the larger cities in the north of Panama, complete with going out for dinners, to the movie theater, and perhaps even the discoteca. It would be a minibreak to remember.

Sick, But Still With High Hopes

Unfortunately, a few weeks before our Panama escape Gibran got sick with a nasty cough that he just couldn’t shake, and a few days before our Panama escape I got the same cold except mine came in the form of blocked ears and sinuses. So we headed down to David, still with the high hopes that’s we’d have a “rocking” vacation. By the time we made it to David (without any hiccups this time) we were both exhausted and starving. So that night we had a delicious dinner of Chinese fast food and wandered around the weird malls and checked out the cheap and low quality goods from China (Panama seems to have strong ties with the country, interestingly enough). We got our first round of bakery goods and headed back to the hotel to watch movies and go to bed early.

Sick, Hopes of “Fun Times” Dashed

Snow Cone

Snow cone aka “raspado” aka “copos”

The next morning we got up and had a delicious and cheap Panamanian breakfast, followed by a trip to the local pharmacy where I stocked up on cold medicine and vitamin C. This whole outing was so tiringthat we had to go back to the hotel where Gibran worked and I took a 4-hour nap. When I woke up we were both starving, so we went out for an early dinner at a delicious pizzeria and we had planned on going to see Men In Black III at a small movie theater that plays movies for $2.75 (no wonder so many Americans retire in Panama… US dollars and cheap prices). However, after dinner I was wiped out again so we had to go home and go to bed (not before hitting up the bakery first).

Sick, Sick, Sicker

Sick in Panama

How we spent our time in Panama

The next morning we dawdled around and did some work, and at noon we decided to head up to Boquete, a small city that’s quaint but overrun with foreigners up higher in the mountains. We arrived up there and it basically started raining, so we headed to a Mexican restaurant and had some disappointing and overpriced tortilla soup (me) and Pozole (Gibran). We stopped at the local bakery and then drove around a bit before deciding to head back to David. The drive back was horrendous for me, it was pouring rain for one thing, and I guess the altitude and cooler climes had affected my head cold in a negative way as all of a sudden I felt awful and sleepy and stuffed up and headachy. We made it back, had dinner in the hotel, and basically went to bed soon after.

Back To Costa Rica

Truck Rescue

So happy to have our home-on-wheels back!

The next morning I felt pretty bad still and decided I should go to the doctor. There ended up being a clinic half a block from where we were staying where it appeared that for a $5 fee you could see the doctor OR just have him write you a prescription without even having to see him. I opted to see him and he told me that he thought I had a virus, so that I basically just had to ride it out. He also told Gibran to “get me some food” as I was too skinny, or perhaps just a vitamin, as it didn’t appear I would last much longer. Gibran explained that we were active, and that I hadn’t lost weight from being sick. Finally we were back on the road, in beautiful trucky, heading north. Of course there were protests and the Interamerican Highway had been shut down (this is a frequent occurrence in Panama) so we took an hour and a half long detour into rural Chirriqui and made it to the border. It was of course a slow go but we made it home before dark.

In the end, it wasn’t the swanky tour we had hoped it would be, (in fact, it was 3 days of eating and sleeping), but an adventure nevertheless… always an adventure.

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