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Panama: Round Two

Our time without the truck went by quite quickly, but were very happy to have the 3 months pass so that we could head down and pick up our vehicle (our home) again. Since we had to be out of … Continue reading

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My Detoxifying Cleanse Experience

After my death-defying time in Mexico (experiencing all of the different bacteria and parasites that the place has to offer), I decided that I wanted to do a detoxifying cleanse. First and foremost, I thought it would be beneficial to … Continue reading

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We’re Okay: An Update On Health and Well-Being

Having read some of our previous posts, many of you might be concerned for our health and well-being. Yes, we’ve had some health-related issues during our first 100 days being “homeless”, but let me assure you it’s nothing that a) … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fiasco

However, while longboarding one day in San Blas, Gibran hit his jaw with the board and his bottom teeth slammed against his top teeth in a way that felt like the “bad” tooth had broken. Continue reading

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Toe Worm In Mexico

There is a worm, living in the second-to-smallest toe on my right foot. I discovered it because it had been really itchy (even more itchy than the mosquito/jejene bites here in San Blas) for over 10 days. Despite thinking that … Continue reading

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