We Made It To 5!

WeirdosI know you’re probably thinking there is something wrong with the world today, that it must be a little off its axis because I’ve finally made my literary debut onto Worldly Rambles. Let me assure you everything is [most likely] okay.

However, today is a special day. It’s Adrianne and mine’s birthday. It was five years ago today that in the eyes of the law we became joined at the hip. From looking at the picture above you might find it hard to believe, but yes, these two nut-cases somehow found each other, and things have worked out quite well.

I’m not one to call for a celebration at every milestone in my life — neither is Adrianne — and marriage was definitely not one I believed to be important for me to be happy, nor a requirement for me to share my life with someone. However, I feel an urge to write this as a form of celebration because while I never doubted that we would make it this long, I still get butterflies recalling the moments we have shared and there’s a few I’d like to share.

Triathlon training

There was no hope from the beginning

We’re Doing a Triathlon!

I’m not one to stand still and working a desk job was taking its toll, on the two of us. I was feeling the need to burn-off some of my extra energy and Adrianne just wanted me to stop asking her to surf or play basketball with me. So when our friend asked if we’d be interested in doing a triathlon with her we both jumped at the idea. Granted, we were each doing it for separate reasons but we had a common goal nonetheless; to tire me out. We went to a club meeting to get the gist of what such an endeavor required — a $300 registration fee plus equipment. I would have rather spent the money on a new surf board but I liked the challenge, and Adrianne and our friend seemed into it so we scheduled our own “test training”…a 3km run. Lets just say the training didn’t go well and it was for the best because thanks to Adrianne we ended up at Coachellaaaaa!!!

Super heroes

This Wonder Woman can rescue me any day

A Super Hero Halloween

I’ve never liked clothes (no, I’m not saying I’m an exhibitionist). As a child I preferred to be naked (okay, maybe I had a phase) than be in a diaper; and for as long as I can remember I would rather be in board shorts than wear pants or dress in nice clothes. I’m also a very bad actor, which I think is why Halloween has never really appealed to me. This is not the case with Adrianne, in fact she’s the exact opposite and takes great pleasure in the Halloween festivities. Our first Halloween consisted in me trying to avoid the whole topic of dressing-up, and I did so for most of the day. When I got home from work that afternoon I sensed my day’s efforts were in vain, we were dressing-up no matter what. After a quick debate of whether we should rush out and buy costumes or just use the resources we had in our house, we opted for the latter. I’m not entirely sure how this came about but this picture was the end product. If I thought walking around our apartment complex was bad, it was because I had no idea we would be skipping and prancing around the streets of Downtown San Diego in our “Super Hero” costumes. Ironically, we did meet some legitimately-costumed super heroes that night but I think we looked better 😉

Adrianne’s First Birthday Together

I was living in San Blas and Adrianne was traveling around Mexico. She was in San Blas for her birthday for which I baked her a chocolate cake, we went dancing, camping, and did some crazy things like carry a cooler full of beer down a steep cliff to a waterfall, which we proceeded to jump from. What I’ve failed to mention is that at this time Adrianne was celebrating her 19th birthday, something she still seems to get choked up on…

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’http://www.worldlyrambles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/adrianne.jpg’]http://www.worldlyrambles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/adrianne.mov[/pro-player]

gibran and adrianne

G & A

Listen To Your Gut!

I can see how five years ago this seemed like an unusual prospect to most, probably because of the general situation of each of our lives, the obstacles imposed by international borders, and [her] youthfulness. I know that things weren’t necessarily clear to either of us at times, but I feel like we just kept making decisions that felt right for us; which leads me to the following conclusion: I think we, as human beings, have an instinct that tells us when things are, or are not, right. Many times we fail to listen to our instinct, I’m just glad I listened to mine.

If you found this worth reading (or not) you’ll surely want to read Adrianne’s take on 5 years.

Note: We did not mean to OD you on “anniversary posts”, I just thought I had the clever idea of writing this post since our blog hadn’t been recently updated. But wouldn’t you know that Adrianne was one step ahead of me and had already written her post.

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5 Responses to We Made It To 5!

  1. Awwwwww!!!! It’s so sweet to read both of your perspectives!! I’m so stoked for you two and for the world that gets to bear witness to such a brilliant love! Suffice to say, Tree and I had a strange beginning as well that few ever believed would ‘make it,’ but we had that same crazy in love, soul driving instinct to hold on to each other no matter what, and, like you two, we are sooooo happy that we listened to it. Here’s a big toast to being in love!!!

    • Gibran says:

      Thanks Stevie! I think Tree told me a little about how you and him came together 😉 but I’d love to hear you tell me the story some day, it’s always fun to hear the different sides (I still laugh and argue when I hear Adrianne tell hers).

  2. Stephanie Chisholm says:

    i love you guys!!!! I am so glad I know you both!!! much love!!!

    • Gibran says:

      thanks steph! any chance you’ll be on the west coast between august and september? would be fun to hang out again

    • Adrianne says:

      We love you too! And I can’t wait until we have a big giant E.A. reunion… 🙂

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