We’re Okay: An Update On Health and Well-Being

Adrianne and Gibran

See? We're very much alive and well

Having read some of our previous posts, many of you might be concerned for our health and well-being. Yes, we’ve had some health-related issues during our first 100 days being “homeless”, but let me assure you it’s nothing that a) we can’t bounce back from (physically or financially) or b) will deter us from continuing what we do. Nor is anything that you, as potential travelers, should be worried about if you are planning on taking a trip.

Why We Aren’t Scared

My theory on mine and Gibran’s ailments is that they are basically all ongoing issues that we have had, even prior to leaving. Gibran’s tooth falling out wasn’t actually because of surfing, it was due to something that had happened over 20 years ago, so I am personally assuring the kids that they don’t have to worry. As for me, well, my allergies have taken their toll on my immune system, and it’s just not as efficient at fighting stuff off anymore — something that just being here should help revitalize.

Also, this stuff has made us stronger mentally as well as physically. I’ve always been a bit (and when I say a bit, I mean extremely) squeamish about bugs, so having one live under my skin has actually mellowed me out a bit — in comparison, bugs outside my body don’t seem bad at all.

Why You Shouldn’t Be

Traveling can be risky business. You might get your stuff stolen. You might get sick. There are a myriad (one of the most overused words in the blogosphere, apparently) of terrible things that could happen to you.

BUT. There are also a bunch of wonderful things that could happen to you. You might meet the love of your life or your best friend (or both, like I did). You might see/do things that you never would have had an opportunity to do (it’s pretty much a guarantee that you will). Your life might change, and for the better.

Plus, bad things can happen to you at home, and doesn’t it just seem more exhilarating to have them happen abroad?

Don’t Let Our Escapades Deter You

Basically, don’t let our stories scare you off. The truth is, Gibran and I are nuts and can even be careless at times — we are trying to do better. We are also sickness and accident prone. You can definitely travel with more care and take precautions to prevent getting into too much trouble. But don’t get crazy now; a little trouble can actually add a some spice to any trip.

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4 Responses to We’re Okay: An Update On Health and Well-Being

  1. Jen says:

    Youre talking about me when you say best friend, right? Miss you fools. Ps- you don’t scare me. Kiss kiss

  2. Gibran says:

    j-fro, if she means you then where do i fit in? 🙁

    p.s. we ran into one of your friends in nica

  3. Pia Randall-Grutter says:

    Hi Gibran, this is from your old babysitter in San Blas! Glad to hear you guys are well and travelling. Paul (my husband) got a botfly in his head in Belize quite a few years back! Thankfully our trusty Sitka doctor was able to excise it out (along with its multiple baby eggs)! It was wonderful having your Mom being so supportive recently, and we got passed on your blog. Pia

    • Gibran says:

      Hey Pia, I can’t even remember the last time I saw you! You babysat me? I don’t think I knew that. And I can’t say I remember but that’s probably because you were a good babysitter and nothing bad ever happened 😉 Crazy about Paul and the botfly. Adrianne couldn’t believe she got a worm in Mexico, she thought she’d have to go halfway around the world for that haha. We are doing very well, enjoying every day. I know my mom enjoyed her visit as well and it’s made me want to go surf in Alaska! Thanks for checking out our blog.

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